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How to innovate using the API concept?

The Application Programming Interface , or API , allows innovation in business models, which is why it is being increasingly explored by companies. This is because this set of routines and protocols specify how the components of a system should interact.

In this article, we will cover more about how APIs work and the importance of the Application Programming Interface . Check out!

Understand what an API is

To understand what an API is , you need to think about a set of programming routines to gain access to a software application or web-based platform.

Therefore, when a systems company wants other developers to create products associated with its service, an API needs to be created. It is for this reason that so many make their codes available along with instructions so that other sites can use them in a more convenient way for users.

It is through APIs that applications communicate without the need for user intervention. Through code communication, it is possible to define specific behaviors of a given object in a programming interface .

Application Programming Interface Examples

There are several examples of APIs aimed at both operating systems and applications and websites. See some types of API :

Google Maps

One of the biggest API examples is Google Maps. Many websites and applications use their original code and adapt it to be able to use this service. An example: the website of a restaurant that uses this tool so that customers can see the location of the establishment on a map.


It is also possible to integrate videos and other YouTube features into other websites and apps. Developers simply need to include the YouTube Data API in their website code. This way, they can display videos from the company’s channel and even add a button for users to subscribe.


If the company also works with Twitter strategically, it is possible to use its API as well. In this case, Twitter offers two types:

  • Search API, which provides the methods for developers to interact with search and trending data,
  • REST API, which allows access to the platform’s main data.

What are the advantages of using this resource?

It is no wonder that API is gaining more and more interest from companies. This is because its features and benefits are many. Below are some advantages of using this tool:


The integration API allows apps and systems to interact in a simplified way. It is a way of sharing information, providing an overview of the company through interconnection and interdependence. Furthermore, the tool accesses and exposes internal or external information in a controlled and secure way.


Internal management is optimized, which directly impacts the way companies are managed and monitored. The reports generated by APIs help to enrich management and define action strategies. In addition to also presenting management tools and other functionalities.


Another advantage is being able to provide customized services and products through the implementation of APIs. Through application integration, you obtain data about the user without having to fill out any type of form. And this is possible because of the information that is already on the network.

Impact on business

Companies from all segments can use APIs, developing their business faster. From a technical point of view, it is possible for the resources of one system to be used by another and companies can use this in their business strategy.

This generates a wave of innovations where organizations seek to understand more about APIs to further explore their potential. Thus, business innovation has fewer and fewer restrictive barriers.

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