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Front end: What it is, how it works and why it is important

When we talk about developing systems, websites, apps and other platforms, the front-end and back-end are essential, complementing each other as two parts of a whole.

These two lines that are part of the programming of a website or software are equally important for the final product to be of quality. In this article, we will talk more about the importance of the front-end in programming and what its function is.

Front-end: what is it and how does it work?

The Front-end is closely related to the project’s graphical interface . In other words, it is where the application with which the user will interact directly is developed, whether in software, websites, applications, etc. Therefore, it is essential that the developer is concerned with the user experience.

Front-end Dev is a term widely used to identify professionals who specialize specifically in this area. Furthermore, despite involving the project interface, the front-end programmer does not have a degree in design. The difference between the two is that the developer does not visually design the interface.

In fact, in front-end development , the professional will work with the code itself, designing which tools the user will interact with. For this reason, it is important to keep this difference in mind when we talk about the subject.

How important is front-end development?

If a website or management system is not simple to understand or does not have easy usability, then user adherence will be lower. Front-end development is responsible for facilitating usage and ensuring that the product performs as planned.

A website, for example, can lose organic traffic if it constantly has errors. This happens because people who visit a website like this tend to lose trust in the company behind it. Furthermore, a website with constant errors or slowness makes navigation almost impossible.

Furthermore, responsive websites come out ahead because of the constant increase in traffic coming from mobile devices. Therefore, when using front-end languages , you need to keep this issue in mind. The problem of poor usability also applies to software, after all, the user must be able to understand how the tool operates.

Difference between frontend and backend

The difference between front-end and back-end is not always very clear. This is a more complex subject, but it is essential to understand at least the basic differences between the two.

We can classify as back-end everything that involves how the project works, be it a website or system. That is, everything that the user cannot see, such as the database and also the servers. This is also where security, structure and content management come in.

The back-end is essential for everything to work well and fulfill the project proposal. An example of this is a dynamic website, which updates in real time with new information, such as a news website. Your database must work correctly so that the website does not present technical problems.

The front-end, as we mentioned before, is the connection between the functionalities of a system or website and the user. Therefore, both are equally essential for the product to work well overall and be well accepted by customers.

Why should the front-end be valued?

Now that you understand more about the importance of the front-end, here are the reasons why it should be valued by companies and developers:


The appearance of a website, system or other project of this type is one of the striking factors for the user, and may also be one of the reasons that lead them to give up using it. Therefore, it is important to take this into account when developing an app, website or software .

Company objective

Another important factor that must be taken into account in front-end development is the company’s objective with that product. In the case of a website, for example, you need to think about the message that the company intends to convey to the user and what their expectations are in relation to that page.

Usability security

The front-end is also very important for the user to have security when using the tool. This way, the company builds a relationship of trust with them and conveys a good image. If this trust is broken, the company could end up losing credibility.

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