Boost Your Website with 10 WordPress Plugins

Plugins can bring many improvements to your website. Check out our selection of the 10 best plugins for WordPress.

When we talk about websites, it’s difficult not to mention WordPress. After all, this is the most used CMS on the entire internet. But not to leave everything basic, there are a multitude of WordPress plugins that will make your website even better.

Plugins or extensions are powerful tools that can boost your website. They not only improve pages, but also provide important data for your strategies.

Below is a list of the 10 best WordPress plugins.

The best plugins for WordPress


This is without a doubt one of the best plugins to help index your website in search engines. In practice, this extension analyzes your website pages and offers a report pointing out errors and SEO improvements.

When creating new content in WordPress, go to the plugin and enter your chosen keyword. In addition to pointing out improvements, it also provides a readability analysis. After all, there’s no point in thinking only about search engines, right?

Although there is a full paid version, YOAST can be used for free with some limitations.

2 – UpdraftPlus

In the digital world, the importance of making backup copies becomes more and more unquestionable every day. Therefore, the easier this process is, the better. With UpdraftPlus you can backup and restore all WordPress files and the database with just one click.

In addition to making backup copies of files, you can schedule periodic backups, configure automatic copies before changes and also use it to make migrations.

The best thing is that you can either use your hard drive as a base, or cloud computing services, such as Google Drive.


Gravity Forms is the ideal plugin for embedding forms on your WordPress website. With it, you can create personalized forms, in addition to having a series of ready-made templates available.

Suppose you need to create a registration form for an event, newsletters and contacts to publish on your website. This task will certainly be made much easier by Gravity Forms.

Furthermore, this powerful plugin has integration with other tools, such as PayPal, Trello and Survey.


JetPack is much more than a simple plugin to repackage your WordPress dashboard. In fact, it was developed by the creators of WordPress themselves, Automattic.

With JetPack you can integrate your website’s comments with the user’s social networks, free CDN for your images, automatic sharing of new publications via Facebook or Twitter. In short, a series of features that help a lot when it comes to offering sharing and customization options.


Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools for a website. This is because it offers very important statistics for you to know your audience. The plugin we use is called Monsterlights and can be installed and configured in a few clicks.

Once you have Monsterlights, you will be able to access your website statistics right from your control panel.


You may already know how important website speed is, especially for user experience. Furthermore, search engines consider this aspect when ranking the website in search results.

WP Fastest Cache takes care of all of your website’s cache, always cleaning it and making it faster. Through an intuitive interface, it offers different cleaning options.


Sumo is a WordPress plugin that starts with a tempting promise: increase your website traffic. It does this through automation tools, forms, and analytics.

We often forget to collect emails, create relationships with readers and analyze the results of interactions. With Sumo, this task becomes much easier.


We talk again about the importance of offering a lightweight website to users. This aspect is even more observed by SEO geniuses. Did you know that it is possible to compress and optimize the images on your website with a plugin? That’s exactly what Smush does.

This plugin allows you to compress, edit and optimize images from any directory. In addition to being used to optimize images, it detects files that are poorly sized or can be optimized.


This is a plugin to increase the security of your website. WordFence Security is nothing more than a firewall and malware scanner built especially for WordPress.

In addition to being important, it is very well updated. Updates often include new protection features for threats that emerge daily.


If you want to avoid problems involving your emails, this might be an excellent solution. WP Mail SMTP is configured to ensure that emails reach recipients without any problems. This is very important, especially if you use email marketing as a strategy.

It does this through an SMTP provider that is reconfigured whenever necessary.

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