5 benefits of using a gaming keyboard to play online

Thinking about buying a gaming keyboard? Check out five benefits that this device can offer users who like to play online.

When it comes to PC gaming, having good accessories makes all the difference. When buying or upgrading a machine, the vast majority of users pay attention to products such as video cards and processors, but forget that other items, such as the keyboard , are also essential for good gameplay.

There is no point in having a state-of-the-art computer if the keyboard takes a long time to execute commands or is not very ergonomic . Not having a gaming keyboard can harm your performance during a game, turning your leisure time into great frustration.

Fortunately, the gaming business has matured in recent years, and various gaming-specific keyboard models have been developed. But how does a gaming keyboard differ from an ordinary keyboard? Which is the best model? What benefits does it provide?

If these are your doubts, don’t worry! We will help you become an expert on the subject and decide which gaming keyboard to buy for your setup.

What are the main types of gaming keyboard?

Currently, gaming keyboards can be divided into two models: membrane and mechanical. Membrane keyboards have a flatter design and have keys that make less noise when pressed. This is due to the fact that it operates using electrical induction.

Therefore, if not making noise while gaming is a priority for you, this type of keyboard is the most recommended.

Mechanical gaming keyboards, in turn, work using switches that are located underneath each key. The noise level and response time varies depending on the type of switch used on each keyboard, with the best ones ending up being faster than membrane keyboards, something that can be decisive for hardcore gamers.

In general, mechanical keyboards are also more comfortable , although this criterion varies greatly from user to user. Another advantage of this type of keyboard is its greater durability and robustness, which can make its higher price worth it in some cases.

What are the benefits of using a gaming keyboard to play online?

1. Increased Key Rollover

Key Rollover measures how many times keys can be registered by the PC when they are pressed at the same time. Generally, common keyboards have between 1 and 2 Key Rollover. In other words, when more than two keys are pressed, they do not appear on the display, or the ghosting effect occurs – when keys that were not pressed are registered.

For common users , this amount is enough. However, some online gaming situations may require pressing more keys at the same time. Luckily, gaming keyboards have an anti-ghosting system, not to mention that they usually come with at least 6 Key Rollover. It may seem like a lot, but it can guarantee that you will be successful in your gameplay.

2. Greater comfort

You can never have too much comfort, especially in games that require intensive use of the keyboard. If you are one of those who like to spend hours playing, this item becomes even more essential.

Gaming keyboards are designed to offer the best user experience, without the need to use force to press each key. With them, your performance will be better without your fingers being affected.

3. Fast Typing

Gaming keyboards, especially mechanical ones, have a shorter response time. In other words, the PC identifies and records the command made more quickly. Anyone who is used to online games knows that in many cases a fraction of time defines success or failure in the game.

4. Greater customization

Gaming keyboards also have the advantage of offering greater customization for players. Using software included on the device itself, it is possible to reprogram the use of the keys, providing greater variety and customization when playing.

5. Backlight

Practically all gaming keyboards have backlighting, which gives them an even more modern and efficient design, especially for those who like to play in the dark, but don’t want to lose the visibility of the keys. Not to mention that in many cases they can help make your gaming setup even more incredible.

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